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Why Do Some Manufacturer’s Hydraulic Cylinder Seals Fail?

More often than not, when a hydraulic cylinder fails, it’s because of failure associated with the seal. While the actual cost of a seal is not high, the financial loss related to a malfunctioning hydraulic cylinder can add up very quickly with needing to shut down operation or bring in an engineer to assist. In this post, we will look at why some manufacturers produce hydraulic cylinder seals that fail.

First, you have to consider several things while the seal is being installed:

Hydraulic cylinder seals can also fail when contaminants get into the hydraulic system. Whether it’s internal contaminants like dirt or dust or internal from metal pieces of the cylinder, these contaminants can cause the seal to fail. Ensuring the fluid system is filtered properly can go a long way in keeping your hydraulic cylinder functioning.

It’s also important to ensure your hydraulic cylinder is manufactured with suitable materials otherwise you risk chemical breakdown. Paying attention to your seal and identifying when it has become discolored is extremely important. The discoloration can be a result of the incorrect materials mentioned above or it can be caused from heat which indicates you may need a different seal or more lubrication.

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