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At Best Metal Products, we’re capable of manufacturing almost any hydraulic cylinder to fit your needs

Best Metal Products CapabilitiesWe have the equipment, facility, and team necessary to manufacture the highest quality – complex or simple – large or small hydraulic cylinders.

Best Custom Hydraulic Cylinders are Manufactured with these Features – and Advantages:

  • Application engineering support; Best Metal Products will provide engineering analysis of your specific application
  • Pressure ratings to 4000 psi
  • Porting configurations: SAE, JIC, NPT, ORS, blocks, rod-fed
  • Bore sizes 1-8” standard (larger sizes in shorter stroke lengths are also available)
  • Rod sizes up to 5”
  • Rod materials that include chrome, nitro steel, stainless steels, nickel, chrome
  • Advanced seal options: low, medium, and high pressures
  • Custom hydraulic cylinder mounting options
  • Integrated position sensing
  • Cushioning on both ends of the stroke
  • Internal and external head designs
  • Cylinders with integrated valves
  • Steel construction standard (aluminum and stainless steel options available)
  • Paint – wet coat, electrostatic or powder coat
  • Non-repairable and rephrasing cylinder designs available
  • Fast, accurate prototyping using a time-proven, 5-stage protocol
  • Single acting hydraulic cylinders
  • Double acting hydraulic cylinders
  • Mobile hydraulic cylinders
  • Telescopic cylinders
  • Piggyback cylinders
  • “Smart” position sensing cylinders

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