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Hydraulic cylinders for the mobile hydraulic cylinder equipment market

As a leading hydraulic cylinder manufacturer, Best Metal Products has designed, prototyped, and manufactured a countless number of hydraulic cylinders for many different mobile equipment applications.


Hydraulic cylinders for agricultural equipment
Leading manufacturers of field, cultivation, planting, and harvesting equipment use Best Metal cylinders for actuating various attachments.

Airport Ground Support

Hydraulic cylinders for airport ground support
Airports worldwide use Best Metal hydraulic cylinders to deliver luggage, food, support, and maintenance to thousands of daily flights.

Hydraulic Cylinders for AttachmentsHydraulic Cylinders for Attachments

Hydraulic cylinders for attachments
From skid steer to excavator attachments, Best Metal technology is used for construction, material handling, and demolition around the world.

Hydraulic Vertical Parking

Hydraulic cylinders for automotive vertical parking systems
Best Metal Products has partnered with leaders in the industry to create parking solutions in densely populated areas.

Hydraulic Automotive Lifts

Automotive lifts
Single acting rams from Best Metal Products power some of the world’s most popular automotive lifts.

Best Metal Products

Hydraulic cylinders for barriers
Cylinders from Best Metal Products are used in roadway and entrance barrier applications for high profile corporations, military installations, and government agencies.

Best Metal Products

Hydraulic cylinders for boat lifts
A lift system attached to a pontoon boat using a double acting hydraulic cylinder is a Best Metal Products specialty. We also do many standard fixed boat lifts.

Car Carriers

Car carriers
Best Metal Products was an originator in the car carrier industry.

Hydraulic Cylinders for Commercial Snow Plows

Hydraulic cylinders for commercial snow plows
Best Metal Products is the leading manufacturer for airport and highway snow removal cylinders.

Hydraulic Cylinders for Concrete Mixers

Hydraulic cylinders for concrete mixers
Best Metal’s non-rotating piggyback cylinders provide a compact solution for leading manufacturers of front discharge mixer trucks.

Hydraulic Cylinders for Construction Equipment

Hydraulic cylinders for construction equipment
A Best Metal cylinder powers excavators, loaders, dump trucks, dozers, and a multitude of other attachments and power equipment.


Best hydraulic cylinders are used in truck-mounted cranes and aerial cranes.

Hydraulic Cylinders for Dump Bodies & Hoists

Hydraulic cylinders for dump bodies & hoists
Truck equipment manufacturers use Best Metal technology for dumping applications including straight push, telescopic, or scissor lifting mechanisms.

Best Metal Products

 Hydraulic cylinders for ergonomic equipment
From factory lift tables to medical stretchers, we’re safeguarding applications where back injuries can easily occur.

Hydraulic Cylinders for Environmental Equipment

Hydraulic cylinders for environmental equipment
Many municipal vehicles, including vacuum trucks and street sweepers rely on Best Metal Products.

Hydraulic Cylinders for Forestry

Hydraulic cylinders for forestry
Recycling equipment – double acting hydraulic cylinders from Best Metal Products are found on large and small grinding, chipping, and screening equipment.

Highway Signs

Highway signs
Best Metal Products uses single acting hydraulic cylinders to elevate highway signs across the land built by the nation’s leading manufacturers.

Horizontal boring machine

Horizontal boring machines
Drills are used to put pipe under roads with these cylinders from Best Metal.

Lawn & Garden Tractors

Lawn & garden tractors
Small bore hydraulic cylinders from 1” to 2” are used for steering and deck lifting applications by major OEMs in this industry.

Best Metal Products

Lift gates
Best Metal Products manufactures thousands of hydraulic cylinders every year for rail gates, tuck-under gates, side gates, slide-under gates, and other specialty gates.

Best Metal Products

Log splitters
Hydraulic cylinders from Best Metal Products provide power and splitting speed, enabling manufacturers of hydraulic log splitters to provide the best option for wood processing.

Material Handling Equipment

Material handling equipment
Factory forklift trucks, worktables, outdoor skid steer attachments, and rough terrain forklift trucks are just a few examples of how Best Metal cylinders are being used every day to aid factory production or outdoor clean-up following natural disasters.

Military Equipment

Military equipment
Manufacturers of military equipment use Best Metal Products hydraulic cylinder technology for applications such as material handling, leveling, and steering.


Mining equipment
These applications require the hydraulic cylinder technology of Best Metal Products to ensure performance and long life.

Off-Road Vehicles

Off-road vehicles
A Best Metal Products hydraulic cylinder is used as a steering assist for off-road hobbyists and monster truck enthusiasts.

Personnel Lifts

Personnel lifts
Best Metal Products produces hydraulic cylinders with built-in safety holding valves and thermal relief
valves for scissor lifts, boom lifts, articulated lifts, and truck-mounted lifts.

Recreational Vehicles

Recreational vehicles
More Best Metal hydraulic cylinders have been produced for slide-out and leveling applications than any other application.

Residential Snow Plows

Residential snow plows
Another Best Metal original, Best Metal has produced many hydraulic cylinder designs for pick-up truck-mounted plows for over 45 years.

Street Sweepers

Street sweepers
Best Metal Products hydraulic cylinder technology has been used for decades on street sweepers and other environmental municipal vehicles.

Hydraulics for Medical Cots

Medical cots
Best Metal Products supplies one-of-a-kind hydraulic cylinders for their emergency medical cots.

Best Metal Products

Tarp covers
Best Metal rephasing cylinder technology helps reduce cocking and reduces the use of other hydraulic components. We are the supplier to the leading manufacturers in truck cover technology.

Waste Equipment

Waste equipment
Recycling compactors and balers or cart tippers are a few applications where Best Metal Products hydraulic cylinders are used to help keep the planet clean.

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