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What You Need to Know About Telescopic Hydraulic Cylinders

There are many different hydraulic cylinders on the market. Each different type has advantages and disadvantages and work well for some applications, while not working well for others. Telescopic cylinders are often used in redesigns where they improve processes or design of mobile cylinder applications. In this post, you will learn more about telescopic cylinders and their many advantages in a wide range of applications.

Telescopic cylinders don’t take up much space

Not only do telescopic cylinders not take up a lot of space, they also extend way beyond their collapsed length (and even in both directions if a double acting hydraulic cylinder is used). These cylinders are perfect for use in applications that don’t offer much in the way of mounting space, but require a long stroke.

Telescopic cylinders are able to meet angle requirements

Applications that often need cylinders that will achieve specific angles are dump trucks. The angles are specific because they have to be exactly right in order to release the right amount of materials at each level. Typically a cylinder will need to prop up a bed 60 degrees in order to empty all of the contents.

Double acting or single acting telescopic hydraulic cylinders

Double acting cylinders are necessary in applications that do not have the benefit of gravity working to collapse the cylinder. Single acting cylinders require gravity in order to get back to the state they were in before they were extended.

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