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What Sets Best Metal Products Apart as a Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturer

Trusted people.

Established almost 70 years ago in 1950, Best Metal Products’ entrepreneurial spirit continues. With a never-ending desire to grow and meet – and exceed – our customers’ needs, we are backed by our outstanding quality custom hydraulic cylinders, first-rate customer service, and on time delivery. Our customer loyalty and long-term customer relationships are a testament to our focus on innovation, quality, and superb customer service as a hydraulic cylinder manufacturer.

Growing partnerships. At Best Metal Products, our customers are number one. We understand our customers’ need for the highest quality hydraulic cylinders that provide the performance and reliability you expect – with customer service making all the difference. From the initial proposal and drawing, prototype cylinders, or on time delivery of production materials, you can count on us to meet – and exceed – your needs. We always make sure we deliver on our promises in order to build strong, long-standing partnerships.

Innovative approaches. Whether your application is simple or sophisticated, Best Metal Products’ custom hydraulic cylinders combine the newest technologies with our many years of industry experience. We are always looking for ways to improve our manufacturing processes with the latest technology and equipment upgrades while also offering our employees a wealth of opportunities for further training and growth within our company. We are proud to be staffed by an experienced team of manufacturing professionals at the top of their fields.

Custom design. At Best Metal Products, we specialize in expert prototypes for custom hydraulic cylinders. This is made possible by industry-leading raw material inventory management that gives us a turnaround cycle that’s the quickest available for custom hydraulic cylinders, as well as our lean manufacturing and test processes that are optimized for accountability and efficiency.

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