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Using Clean Hydraulic Fluid with Your Hydraulic Cylinder is Incredibly Important

No matter the industry you’re a part of, you’re probably aware that hydraulic fluid contamination can cause major problems. Hydraulic contamination results when foreign matter, like debris, gets into your hydraulic fluid. Generally speaking, there are two types of main classifications for hydraulic contamination – abrasive and non-abrasive. While some types of contamination are obvious, and able to be seen with the naked eye (like pieces of metal or rust), not all contamination is visible without testing. No matter how small the contamination may seem, it should be taken seriously and corrected right away.

In order to ensure the health and function of your hydraulic cylinder, you should regular test its hydraulic fluid in accordance with manufacturer recommendation. Besides regularly checking, you should, of course, also run contamination check if you suspect that you may have contamination. If you notice your equipment is running hotter than usual, you should definitely test your hydraulic fluid, as well.

Fortunately, there are a number of ways you can prevent hydraulic fluid contamination in your hydraulic cylinders. First, you should always filter the fluid before it is introduced to your hydraulic cylinder. You should also use high-quality filters within your equipment that is protected from debris up until the moment it’s installed. If you need to perform a repair or servicing is needed, be sure to do so carefully and in a clean environment to avoid contamination.

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