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The 4 Main Types of Hydraulic Cylinders from Best Metal Products

There is no question that determining what type of hydraulic cylinder will work best for your application is a critical. In fact, every kind of hydraulic cylinder uses a different design and mechanisms to function. You should also make sure you work with a manufacturer that employs engineers and fluid power specialists. In this post, we will discuss four of the main types of hydraulic cylinders available at Best Metal Products.

Single Acting Hydraulic Cylinders

Single acting hydraulic cylinders are ideal for use in applications that have weight, gravity, or another assisting force which will move the cylinder in a single direction. Single acting hydraulic cylinders use hydraulic pressure to extend or retract the rod in one direction. This type of cylinder often costs less than double acting cylinders and works well in a vast range of mobile and industrial applications.

Double Acting Hydraulic Cylinders

Double acting hydraulic cylinders are more common than single acting cylinders because they work in more applications and at almost any angle. In applications where there is assistance through gravity or weight, hydraulic pressure is still often used to cushion the stoppage, control acceleration, and meter the rate of travel.

Piggyback Cylinders

Piggyback hydraulic cylinders use two cylinders in opposite directions that are yoked or welded together. This means that there is twice the stroke while taking up half the space. Piggyback cylinders are idea in applications that have limited space but require a long stroke.

Telescopic Cylinders

Telescopic hydraulic cylinders are made available in single acting and double acting types. Like piggyback cylinders they allow for a long stroke while taking up much less space when collapsed.

At Best Metal Products, we are proud to ensure that each hydraulic cylinder we manufacture meets stringent quality standards, performs or exceeds its rating standard, and functions with a long service life with the utmost reliability, predictability, and safety. If you are an OEM and have been looking for an experienced, trusted hydraulic cylinder manufacturer, do not hesitate to contact us today! We look forward to working with you!

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