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Hydraulic Cylinder Growth is Due in Part to the Booming Agricultural Industry

The increased demand for food in order to feed our population is causing the agricultural industry to grow and expand. With this growth, comes a need for the most efficient and effective processes in order to keep up with new demand for food production. This growth within the agricultural industry directly contributes to the growth of the global hydraulic cylinder market which is forecasted to grow at a rate of four percent this year. In this post, we will take a closer look at the booming agricultural industry and why that means growth in the hydraulic cylinder market.

While there are other industries and applications that can account for some of this growth, the majority can be attributed to the agricultural industry. Other applications that are seeing growth, include construction equipment, mining equipment, aerospace, and defense. These applications are also contributing to the increase in hydraulic cylinder production globally.

It is being projected that in less than 35 years, the Earth’s population will exceed nine billion people. This increase in population will also increase the need for fibers, food, and other items that are a product of the agricultural industry. This population growth will create a need for more equipment, a lot of which uses hydraulic cylinders in order to perform in an effective, durable, and long-lasting manner.

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