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Best Metal Products’ Smart Cylinder Technology in Industrial and Mobile Hydraulics

Smart cylinder technology is widely used in industrial and mobile hydraulic applications. Best Metal Products’ smart cylinder design is customizable and can come with a vast array of options, output signals, and probe lengths. Available with many different mounting options, our smart cylinders are available in both single acting cylinder and double acting hydraulic cylinder types. In this post, we will go over how we have combined the latest technology and value to provide accurate and reliable smart hydraulic cylinders for a variety of applications.

Our smart cylinder design uses a magnetostrictive-based sensor in order to sense the rod’s position and generate an output that allows for continuous monitoring of the cylinder rod’s position. The application using the cylinder is programmed to communicate with the cylinder on what actions to take. Best Metal’s smart cylinder designs are durable, rugged, and engineered specifically for mobile applications. These smart cylinders can operate in temperatures from -40°C to 105°C and can withstand up to 100G of impact.

If there is a loss of power, our smart cylinder does not require re-homing or recalibration. They work with both digital and analog outputs with a highly visible LED display. Eliminating wear, its non-contact sensing technology eliminates wear and assures the greatest durability and output repeatedly. Using just one electrical connection, minimal wiring and programming are required, and with top of the line sealing capacity, our smart cylinders are long-lasting, regardless of operating conditions.

At Best Metal Products, we are the premier choice for hydraulic cylinders in Grand Rapids, throughout Michigan, and beyond. If you’re interested in learning more about our smart cylinder technology, do not hesitate to contact Best Metal today.

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