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Best Metal Products Discusses Ways You Could Be Misusing Your Hydraulic Cylinder

Generally speaking, hydraulic cylinders are simple to use and operate you should still make sure that anyone who is using them is trained properly. In some cases, misuse of a hydraulic cylinder can be dangerous because they often deal with a high amount of pressure. It’s important to understand that misuse of hydraulic cylinders can actually lead to damaged equipment, structures, serious injury, or even death of the operator.

What you can do to avoid misusing your hydraulic cylinder.

The mistake that is made most often is not providing adequate support for the amount of force that is being used. If you are lifting two tons with your hydraulic cylinder, you have to make sure the supporting structure can handle that amount of weight.

Another common mistake is side-loading a hydraulic cylinder by not having the load seated on the cylinder’s piston properly. If the hydraulic cylinder is not level you will likely damage it, the structure, and yourself or others. You also need to make sure that you are careful when using torches or welding equipment near reinforced rubber hoses that are connected to your hydraulic cylinder.

You should never go under equipment that is lifted. You also need to make sure you are always using a properly functioning hydraulic gage. If you don’t use one, there is no way to know the actual amount of force you’re applying to it. You should also NEVER modify your hydraulic cylinder. When you modify it, it is no longer certified and can be unreliable or unsafe. You must use your hydraulic cylinder on a solid surface. Always pay close attention to your hydraulic cylinder when it’s in operation so that you can identify any problems with its operation.

At Best Metal Products, we have seen hydraulic cylinders misused in every way imaginable and have seen the damage that misuse can do. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your hydraulic cylinder, please do not hesitate to contact us today. Your safety is extremely important to us!

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