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A Brief Summary on How Hydraulic Cylinders Work

Hydraulic cylinders are used in many different industries and on many different kinds of equipment. These powerful components are able to easily lift and move even the biggest objects. For example, think of the landing gear on an aircraft. This equipment is released with the use of a hydraulic system that uses hydraulic cylinders and other hydraulic system components to operate effectively. In this post, we will provide a brief summary of how most hydraulic cylinders work.

Most hydraulic cylinders are made in parallel pairs that are different sizes and connected by a pipe. The component is then partially filled with oil or other hydraulic fluid. The unfilled space in the hydraulic cylinders allows for the pistons of different sizes to operate. The chamber with the smaller piston will get fluid when force is applied and then push the fluid into the chamber with the larger piston which then moves it. Because of the difference in size, the force of the movement of the small piston is multiplied when it comes to the larger piston.

The basic components used in hydraulic cylinders systems are typically: cylinder barrel, piston rod, cylinder bottom or cap, pistons, cylinder head, cylinder bottom connection, rod glands, seals, and cushions. There are also many different types of hydraulic cylinders, including single acting hydraulic cylinders, double acting hydraulic cylinders, telescopic hydraulic cylinders, and piggyback hydraulic cylinders.

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